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Join us as we meander on a child’s overland South African odyssey in

 Meandering Mzansi

South Africa is rich in natural beauty, resources and, most importantly, colourful and varied people groups! I have told the story of this natural wealth in Meandering Mzansi’s 368 A4-sized pages, which are a riot of full colour maps, pictures and in depth information!

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Meandering Mzansi
Meandering Mzansi
We are delighted to announce two new products namely: “Journaling South Africa” and “Joernaalwerk: Suid-Afrika”! These new products are a collaboration with Sarah Janisse Brown of Funschooling with Thinking Tree Books. Prices are as follows:
One Journaling South Africa Geography Workbook: R350.00 (one book)
Two Journaling South Africa Geography Workbooks: R670.00 (two books – save R30.00)
Three Journaling South Africa Geography Workbooks: R960 (three books – save R90.00)
Four Journaling South Africa Geography Workbooks: R1 220.00 (four books – save R180.00)
To view the products visit: https://meanderingmzansi.co.za/the-journaling-workbook/
To order visit: https://meanderingmzansi.co.za/products/

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