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Join us as we meander on a child’s overland South African odyssey in

 Meandering Mzansi

South Africa is rich in natural beauty, resources and, most importantly, colourful and varied people groups! I have told the story of this natural wealth in Meandering Mzansi’s 368 A4-sized pages, which are a riot of full colour maps, pictures and in depth information!

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7 days ago

Meandering Mzansi

This year we continue with the curriculum suppliers that we have used for many years: Maths: Math-U-See (Algebra 1), English: The Good and the Beautiful (High School Year 1) and Wordly Wise Book 8, History: Sonlight Core G, Science: Exploring Creation with General Science, Afrikaans: Toetentaal, Geography: Meandering Mzansi (we completed it last year but we are doing a quick overview again this year with the new Meandering Mzansi journal). We always supplement our Maths with the Life of Fred maths books. This year we are reading Life of Fred Beginning Algebra.
Our electives are: Economics (see picture of the books that we will use), Shakespeare studies, Art and Music History through the ages (we are using a combination of books to make up this self made curriculum).
THEN: my son has done Forex trading with my husband for many years and has always had a dummy trading account. This year, we are opening a real trading account for him and are depositing a small amount of money for him to trade with under my husband’s supervision. For technology: my son built a fully functioning computer from the ground up last year. This year he will refine his computer build as he earns money for more sophisticated parts. He will also focus more on programming this year.
We will continue with nature study once a week.
All subject journaling will be done in the Do It Yourself High School Homeschooling Handbook by Fun Schooling.
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